Jonathan Worsley Musician

Automata Album

‘The Machine’ is a totalitarian nation-state that functions only to continue its own existence. Its population is comprised of ‘Automata’, an insentient hive mind only capable of maintaining the state’s survival through meaningless work. ‘The Machine’ would continue to operate in this manner indefinitely, that is, until a single Automaton of number ‘53.23 -4.11’ malfunctions and gained consciousness. The Automaton remembers his own name from before entrapment - ‘Oskar’ - and he makes the choice to escape. With this new found freedom, Oskar travels the globe to learn and meet other free people. Over time, he becomes greedily dissatisfied with the imperfect state of world, and vows to discover a utopia for all. This paradise would be “free from fear, and free from control; a place where the rules are only there to keep us safe, and technology exists only to aid us”. Oskar does eventually discover his utopia, only to find that it is ‘The Machine’, and ‘53.23 -4.11’ returns to work for eternity.