Jonathan Worsley Musician

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Jonathan is a fast-working editor of both musical scores and text, with a keen eye for perfectionism.

Edition, in a musical context, refers to when a written score is revised by someone usually other than the composer.

This can be for any number of reasons:

  • Clarity
  • To fix 'errors'
  • To create a performance score from a study score (or vice versa)
  • To recreate the composer's initial intentions when only altered copies are available for reference
  • To demonstrate the compositional process (a synoptic edition)

An editor must use their knowledge of both the composer's own style and the historical context to produce the most accurate version of a piece of music, while having access only to surviving sources.


Jonathan created a synoptic edition of the first movement of Charles Villiers Stanford's "Second Symphony in D minor (Elegiac)" as one of his dissertations at Bangor University. For this he gained the "School of Music Edition Prize 2016".