Music: Past, Present, and Future

Please contact Jonathan to enquire about performing past pieces, or to commission new work

Upper Structures (2021)

Written for the BBC National Orchestra of Wales through Composition: Wales 2022.
Premiered May 10th 2022, by the BBC NOW, at Hoddinott Hall, Wales Millennium Centre.

Birdbath (2021)

For solo flute and piano accompaniment.

Written for Amy Rose Irvine (flute).

Premiered at Powis Hall, Bangor University in 2021. 

As a member of 'Konom' - Konom (2021)

The debut album from Manchester-based progressive-metal band Konom.

Featuring Jonathan on keyboards, orchestration, and arrangement.

The Course of Empire (2020)

A symphonic progressive-rock album in five movements, fully scored for live orchestra and rock band. Based on Thomas Cole's painting cycle The Course of Empire.

Red Kite (2019)

A setting of Alan Llwyd's poem Yn Hebog Uwch Felindre (The Hawk over Felindre) for soprano voice and piano accompaniment.
Premiered live at '
Draig-Lóng: A Musical Celebration of Welsh and Chinese Culture' at Powis Hall, Bangor University.

'An Unwanted Trip to the Woods' (2019)

Score for short horror film. Includes original diegetic music for in-car radio and night-club. Collaboration with German filmmaker Nicolas Schimmelpfennig.

'Goose' (2019)

Score for short documentary by Welsh filmmaker Connor Flinn. 

The documentary covers a Bangor University security guard (nicknamed 'Goose'), and his love for the sport squash.

Nocturne Diurne (2018)

A composition for wind quintet in two movements. An exploration of jazz harmony and melody in contemporary music. Which movement represents day, and which represents night?
Premiered by the Bangor New Music Ensemble at Bangor Music Festival 2019.

Subsequently performed by members of the BBC National Orchestra of Wales.

Petrichor (2018)

A contemporary perpetuum mobile and fanfare for large orchestra. 

Automata (2016)

A progressive-rock concept album, based on a new original story inspired by George Orwell's 1984 and the life of Oskar Speck.

Music for an Individual (2015)

A string quartet inspired by three pitches from Steve Reich's Different Trains.
Premiered by members of the BBC National Orchestra of Wales in 2015.